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The Latest on Commuter Services in the Wilton Train Station…


As you are all aware, Vintage Salsa and Rotisserie was unable to continue operating in the Station. Since then we have been trying to get State approval to get back open with coffee, etc. for the morning commute.  Otherwise, who knows how long the station will remain closed.


On 6/23/2014 we met with Julie Thomas and Craig Bordiere from the State D.O.T. Department of Trains.  We presented a plan to reopen the station and to catch up on past due lease payments.  What was supposed to take a week or so, is still not finished.  With Rep. Gail Lavielle’s help, the State said we’d have a new agreement by 7/25.  August is about here and we still have nothing. 


We feel compelled to keep you informed and ask for your help.  Please contact Julie and/or Craig to let them know how you feel.


Contact information:

* Julie Thomas, Supervising Property Agent -  203-497-3383

* Craig Bordiere, Transportation Supervising Rail Officer  -  203-497-3356



Any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at



We appreciate your help.


Tony and Tiffany





7 Station Road, Wilton, CT
(in the Wilton Train Station)
FYI: Navigation systems have a hard time with this address.  You can enter 15 Old Danbury Road.  This is the Common Fund building, and we are the little red building behind it. Or into the Gulf Gas station on route 7 at route 33 (Ridgefield Rd.) and drive around back of the building.  Follow under the overpass and you will be in the main parking lot for us and the train station.

Until Further Notice, Vintage Salsa has closed

Our menu is a combination of fresh & healthy California-style Mexican food and rotisserie chickens. Our menu items include our 'A-go-go' family meals, faquitos, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, tortilla pizzas, tostada salads,  Mexican sodas, churros, fresh baked cookies and cupcakes, etc.

For commuters and early risers, we open the train station each weekday at 5:30am serving up Solude gourmet coffee, tea, fresh-baked goodies (scones, croissants, muffins, cookies, etc.), newspapers and our "Grab & Go" breakfast burritos.  Our breakfast burritos include the "Egg & Cheese" and the "Egg, Cheese & Chorizo" and are available at 6:30am until they are gone.

Our catering menu includes choices like our Faquito Frenzy, Taco Bar and  Rotisserie Feast.  The perfect choice for your home party or office meeting; delivered fresh and hot.



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*We deliver anywhere in Wilton and very limited parts of New Canaan, Weston and Norwalk

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